About us

Energy Smart Lighting Australia was formed by a group of like-minded individuals who recognize the importance of driving the uptake and use of energy smart LED lighting technology as a means by which any household, business and/or institution can dramatically reduce the electricity costs associated with lighting.

And the best thing is, that in doing so, you can tangibly contribute to achieving an environmentally sustainable future for our environment. It’s a Win Win!

Via this site, Energy Smart Lighting Australia aims to provide you with enough information to help you make an informed decision when considering how energy smart LED lighting technology can benefit you or your business and why therefore, you should make embracing such technology a priority right now.

Energy Smart Lighting Australia offers a wide range of the very latest energy saving LED lighting products and solutions available to purchase directly from us today. We have chosen products on the basis of what we ourselves see as the most important things to look out for when purchasing any energy smart LED lighting products or solutions.

  • Products that are manufactured by brands that are renowned either locally or globally for their experience and expertise in delivering high quality lighting products and solutions.
  • Products that are made to the highest environmental standards and specifications.
  • Products that actually deliver on the features and benefits they say the have.
  • Products that are backed by a no fuss support and warranty service.
  • Products that look great and will be an attribute to any home or business environment.
  • Lighting Solutions that when combined with the right products can control your lighting in ways to not only create the right ambient light for a particular set of circumstances, but to deliver even more energy savings to your home or business environment.
  • Products and solutions that represent excellent value for money.

Join the lighting revolution now and help us shift how we all consume energy and in doing so, dramatically lower your lighting energy costs while making a very tangible change to the future sustainability of our environment.

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