Ten tips to a greener lifestyle

Ten tips to a greener lifestyle

As you probably know by now, LED lighting has some major green benefits, due to its reduced energy consumption compared with incandescent bulbs. But if you’re interested in a greener lifestyle, what other steps can you take in your everyday life? Here’s the Energy Smart Lighting top ten.

1) Always use a lid on saucepans and save energy and money with every meal.

2) Save cash with each hot drink. Make sure you boil the amount of water you need, rather than half a kettle full.

3) Babies don’t need special baby food at a few dollars a jar. Buy a handheld blender for a $15 and purée ordinary, Aus-grown organic food, such as potato, carrot, cauliflower and pear.

4) For one journey a week, don’t use the car. Cycle or walk instead and get some exercise. Average cost of a gym session – $10. Cost of pedalling fast to work – nothing.

5) Get your children into gardening by giving them their own little veg patch and enjoy the cheap food. A bunch of radishes costs about $4. A packet of 1,000 radish seeds costs about $2.

6) Slow down on motorways. Reducing your average speed by 10 or 20 km can dramatically reduce your fuel consumption.

 7) Reuse bags. Invest in reusable lunch bags, lunch boxes, reusable napkins, and reusable cloth snack baggies. You will save money by bringing your own lunch from home everyday, and save the environment by not throwing away lunch containers, lunch wrappers and paper cups out at lunch everyday.

 8) Turn your appliances off at night. Learn to unplug every appliance that is not in use! By unplugging every appliance that you don’t use, you aren’t emitting phantom energy, which costs you money. You aren’t using the Earth’s precious energy uselessly and emitting dangerous CO2 into the air which harms the ozone layer.

 9) Wash only full loads of dishes and clothes.

 10) Turn off kitchen, bath, and other exhaust fans within 20 minutes after you are done cooking or bathing.

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