Using LED lights in the home

Using LED lights in the home

LED lighting is increasingly being talked about as the future of lighting in the home, and we would agree. This is largely down to the energy efficiency and long-life of LED bulbs, as well as the fact they are instantly bright once switched on. Due to their small size, LEDs can be recessed into floors, walls, ceilings or cabinets. That makes them ideal for delivering clever, attractive and stylish lighting solutions around the home. Here’s our guide to using LEDs in different rooms around the house.

In the bathroom

A lot of people are now using LED lighting in the bathroom, and for good reason, as it’s a great way to turn a sometimes generic room into something much more stylish and sophisticated. Think about a contour strip of LED lights under a wash basin to act as a night light. Alternatively, what about recessed wall lights or low-level lighting around a bathroom mirror?


If you’ve got a kitchen island or a large worktop area, then recessed downlights can make a good, effective working light, as well as a stylish visual focus. Also think about up-lighting from the top of your kitchen cabinets to provide dramatic impact.


Individual LED reading lights can be incorporated into a bedhead or wall for bedside reading. For additional general light, consider uplighting from the top of a cupboard which can help provide mood lighting if you don’t want the room too bright.

Living room

In the living room it’s all about using infill touches of accent light to create some interior design magic. For example, try uplighting a fireplace or pin-spotting flower arrangements with a narrow-beam downlight.

Image credits: Used under Creative Commons via Arizona Prestige and Paragon Apartments 

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