Five unusual ways to save energy in the home

Five unusual ways to save energy in the home

As the experts in energy efficient LED lighting, we also know a thing or two about saving energy around the home too. Surprisingly, by making a few minor adjustments to your lifestyle and home, you could save a significant amount of energy and as a result, save hundreds of dollars on your monthly utility bills. To help you find new ways to save, we’ve put together a list of five unusual ways to cut your energy and water bills…

Use a washing up bowl

Through using a washing up bowl to wash your dishes as opposed to having them sit in the sink while the tap runs can save a lot of water and in turn help you to save money on your water bill. In fact, experts believe this approach could save $50 - $100 a year. This is based on filling four eight litre washing up bowls instead of running the tap at six litres per min for 10 minutes.

Use an eco-showerhead

Most people think that taking a shower is a more efficient way to wash than taking a bath, however in the day of modern, power showers; this is very much a myth as they actually use more water in less than five minutes than you would use to fill a bath. By investing in an eco-friendly shower head which controls the flow and pray of water, you could save water and money.

Turn off appliances

Switch it off! It may seem a very simple and straightforward task but it’s something that we’re all guilty of forgetting to do. In fact one of the gadgets in your home that you may forget about is your wireless internet router. Research has found that it costs over $40 a year in electricity, making it one of the most expensive gadgets in your home to run and an important one to turn off when you’re not using it.

Use LED light bulbs

LED light bulbs use significantly less energy than traditional phosphorescent bulbs, becuase they emit very little heat, yet shine just as brightly as traditional bulbs. The difference is that “regular” bulbs generate much more heat, which in turn causes a high electricity bill.

Only wash with a full load – for both clothes and dishes

By waiting until you have a full load before doing your clothes washing, you can cut down on the amount of washes you do per week and in turn save water. The same goes when using the dishwasher, if you have one. Research shows there's some significant annual savings to be made.

Image credit: Stuart Miles

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